Foothills Speedskating Marathon Association

Speed Skating Volunteers

The success of this event depends on skaters and a dedicated group of volunteers.  We will need close to 50 volunteers to help make the event run smoothly.  We are needing volunteers for many different aspects of the event.   


*Race volunteers,  we need judges, lap counters…

*Building and assembly volunteers, putting up tents, sheds, banners, preparing the site…

*Administration volunteer,  helping with registrations..

*Hosting volunteer, preparing and helping to serve food and drinks..

*Logistical volunteer,helping to direct traffic and parking.. 

If you think that you could volunteer for some aspect of the event it will be greatly appreciated.  We are sure the event will be fun and rewarding for all of those that are involved 

If you have anymore questions please fill in our contact page

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards, the FSSMA organization 


      Brian McArthur - President

      Johan DeGroot - Secretary

       Ashley Van Sickle - Treasurer

     Bob Latimer  - Board Member

     Dawn Detarando - Board Member

     Henrik Helmig - Board Member