Foothills Speedskating Marathon Association

Race Rules


Pick up rules in your packet at registration ( in tent) on race day

****Helmets are not mandatory but are  advised.  
It is mandatory for every skater to wear a number on the side of the left leg, clearly visible for the judges. 
• Without a number you will not be classified.

• If you do not complete the race, please inform the judge.

• At all times follow the instructions of the judges and/or the announcer.

• Misconducts like cutting the track short or hindering other skaters will be penalized by the judges through time penalties or classification.

• In case of disagreement of the race results you can appeal to the judges up until 30 minutes after the results have been announced.

• In case these rules do not give clarification the referee will decide and his decision will be final.

• Finish line will determine finish time
• Finishers will qualify for placing if finished 15 minutes before ceremonies.

• First Aid will be available.


Enjoy your race!